Hi, we’re FOAM, an interactive entertainment company based in London, UK.

FOAM was founded by Steve Milbourne & Phil Clandillon, who (among other things) are famous for putting an AC/DC music video into an Excel spreadsheet (more on that later).

Nowadays we’re mostly making music based video games for mobile, PC and console. Below is a small selection of our work.

Drive Any Track

DAT is our latest title and is currently in Early Access release for PC via Steam

Drive Any Track is a futuristic stunt racing game, where racetracks are procedurally generated from music files in the player’s library.

DAT was released to Steam Early Access June 2015, and has already achieved 98% positive reviews.


Poplings is a pop music based, educational mobile game for pre-schoolers featuring music from Calvin Harris, Little Mix, Avicii and more.

Poplings was developed in collaboration with Bernadette Duffy OBE and the Thomas Coram Centre London, in order to comply with the UK Early Years Curriculum. Poplings is available on iOS and Android now.

Hurts “Exile”

Exile was a voice-controlled, 3D audio powered game we created to promote the Manchester duo’s album of the same name.

Hurts Exile App

Exile was created in collaboration with immersive theatre company Reuben Feels, and was recorded in binaural audio to create a realistic 3D effect. Exile was an audio-only experience, and user interaction was handled by voice recognition. Exile was available on iOS and was downloaded over 100,000 times.

Hurts / Spotify “Don’t Let Go”

To promote Hurts’ previous album “Happiness”, we also created an interactive audio adventure game, this time using some clever hacks on the Spotify platform to create something totally unexpected in a streaming music player.

Hurts Spotify

Don’t Let Go is an interactive audio novel written by Manchester author Joe Stretch, and narrated by British actress Anna Friel. You can play the game on Spotify by following this link.

Kasabian / Umbro “Football Hero”

We made a giant game of Guitar Hero that you can play with footballs. We built it in a massive warehouse and drafted in an expert team of freestyle footballers to learn how to play it.

AC/DC Rocks the Office

We wanted fans to be able to watch the video for Rock ‘n’ Roll Train at work, but sites like YouTube and Facebook were blocked on corporate firewalls. Our solution? Convert the video to ASCII art and code it as real animated text and symbols in an Excel spreadsheet (of course).

The Excel file was downloaded over 5 million times and is still being forwarded today.


We’ve won some nice shiny awards for our creative work, including The Guardian’s Media Guardian Innovation Award (two years in a row), Cannes Lions, CLIOs & UK Music Video Awards.


Get in touch with us by emailing hello@foamlondon.com

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